Be good. Do good. Feel good.

The world has been very good to us. In turn, we want to be good to the world. That’s why we support charities that focus on education, environmental issues and conservation.

The organizations we support share our values and our commitment to improving the lives of people in the Santa Barbara community and beyond.

On this page, you’ll find organizations that Deckers Brands works with on a regular basis in North America. Each region also partners with local organizations in their countries. Our brands also have partnerships that reflect their unique passions. For information on brand partnerships, visit the UGG®, Teva®, Sanuk®, Hoka®, Ahnu® and websites.


We are accepting applications for 2016 donations. All donation requests for 2016 will be reviewed at the end of this year, and those accepted will be notified accordingly.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to support the many organizations in need.

We take our donations seriously and are constantly evaluating our list of charitable partners.

As a guideline, we donate to organizations that spend less than 10% on administrative costs. That way, we can be sure that every dollar we donate truly counts.

In addition, we look to Charity Navigator, which rates charitable organizations based on several criteria, to make sure all the charities we give to are credible.

For more information, visit

The Santa Barbara Community

Our headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, gives us access to a wide variety of settings—indoors and outdoors—to help educate and inspire the next generation.

We are proud to partner with the Santa Barbara Zoo, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara, Special Olympics of Santa Barbara, The Food Bank, Direct Relief International, The American Heart Association, Habitat for Humanity, Unity Shoppe and Girls, Inc. and many more local organizations.

To Qualify, Your Organization Must:

  • Have 501(c)3 status
  • Support academic/educational, environmental or local outreach/community needs in Santa Barbara County

If you’ve answered yes to the above questions, please fill out an application for support. (Please note that we do not offer financial or in-kind support to organizations that are focused on medical, religious, political or sexual orientation issues.)

If you answer “no” to either of the above questions, please accept our apologies that we are unable to support your organization.

Some organizations we support globally:

  • Dream Foundation
  • The Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation
  • The Conservation Alliance
  • Girls Inc.
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Santa Barbara Food Bank
  • Kids Company
  • Help the Heroes
  • Thames21
  • Green Power Hike
  • Hong Kong International Coastal Clean Up
  • Scout Association of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Marathon
  • Make A Wish Foundation Hong Kong
  • Po Leung Kuk
  • Ronald MacDonald House Foundation
  • St. Christopher’s Home
  • Stella Standing Tall
  • The Boys’ and Girls’ Club Association of Hong Kong
  • St. Paul’s Co-educational College Charitable Trust
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Leisure and Cultural Service Dept. of Hong Kong
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