Ethical Sourcing

Ethical Sourcing

As a global company, Deckers creates many employment opportunities around the world, including in developing regions. Deckers respects internationally recognized human rights and environmental standards and selects business partners who share in our commitment to a fair and safe working environment. We are also committed to assuring that all of the materials used in our products are safe – for workers, for our customers and for the environment.

We want to bring transparency to our supply chain and make it easy for our customers to see where our products are made. Our products are manufactured by contracted factories located in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, El Salvador, Columbia, United Kingdom, Italy and the United States. A map of our factories can be found here.

Additionally, we expect our supply chain business partners, including factories and material suppliers, to annually certify their compliance with our Corporate Responsibility Policies

Human Rights and Environment in Manufacturing

Deckers Ethical Supply Chain team monitors factory performance against our Ethical Supply Chain Supplier Code of Conduct which outlines our minimum standards for working conditions. Deckers has zero tolerance for child labor and forced labor. Factories are audited annually for social compliance performance by a Deckers-authorized monitor or accredited third party. Factory audits can be unannounced and include a thorough facility inspection, employee interviews, as well as a review of factory records including payroll, operating licenses, and employee personnel files.

If a factory has difficulty meeting our standard, we enroll the factory in Deckers’ Ethical Supply Chain Partner Improvement Program which includes training and frequent monitoring to help drive continuous improvement.



We are proud of the materials and craftsmanship used to create our products. Our Conflict Minerals Policy outlines our requirements for suppliers who source metal components, while our Animal Welfare Policy details our guidelines for suppliers sourcing leathers and sheepskin. Deckers is strictly opposed to animal cruelty and requires all suppliers to use humane animal treatment and certify their compliance with our Animal Welfare Policy. Deckers believes muelsing is cruel and inhumane and does not source sheepskin from sheep that have been muelsed. Furthermore, Deckers believes no sheep should ever be raised for their sheepskin alone.

Our Ethical Supply Chain team works in partnership with our Restricted Substances team to ensure that materials in our products meet strict global product safety requirements and chemicals are properly stored, discarded, and handled during production.

Our Restricted Substance Policy includes our Restricted Substances List (RSL) which outlines testing limits for all Deckers Brands products and details all chemical substances that are legally restricted globally.

Our Restricted Substances team implements the Restricted Substance Policy through training and product testing.

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