Want a better world? Start with a list.

To achieve the maximum good, you need to prioritize. That’s why in 2010 Deckers established a Corporate Responsibility department and hired a Director to develop a five-year strategic plan and drive key sustainability initiatives around human rights, environmental sustainability and community affairs.

Our mission is to promote good business, business that is mindful of its responsibility to communities, protects our environment and inspires our employees and future generations.

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Corporate Responsibility Update

How We Think About Corporate Responsibility

How We Got to Where We Are Today

Deckers began to develop a strategic approach to Corporate Responsibility in 2008 by establishing its first CR objectives, policies and procedures, with a particular emphasis on responsible supply chain practices. We created a cross-functional team (Corporate Responsibility Committee – CRC) to develop guidelines that would govern the environmental and social practices of our supply chain business partners. The CR Committee included representatives from Deckers brands, regions, Executive Office, Supply Chain Operations, Customer Service, Marketing, Legal, Product Development and the China office. This eventually led to the creation of the Corporate Responsibility Department in 2010.

Our Plan for Corporate Responsibility

What We’ve Done So Far


        • Performed a greenhouse gas inventory for facilities, transportation and key manufacturing locations
        • Created the CR Heroes Challenge to recognize employees who have reduced Deckers environmental impact
        • Worked with the Outdoor Industry Association and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to develop the HIGG Index for footwear
        • 74% of tanneries are certified through the Leather Working Group

Fair and Safe Factories

        • Completed Ethical Supply Chain audits for all factories and key suppliers since 2009
        • Provided training for over 400 representatives from Deckers suppliers in Ethical Supply Chain capability building courses since 2010


        • Published a Corporate Responsibility Update
        • Launched the Deckers Goods community engagement program to encourage employees to volunteer and donate to local communities
        • Donated over $3.4 million and over 300,000 pairs of shoes to charities since 2006
        • Logged over 8,500 employee volunteer hours for charity organizations since 2011
        • Joined CERES Network and conducted a materiality assessment for Corporate Responsibility with key stakeholders

How We Measure Ourself


        • Greenhouse Gas Assessment
        • Life Cycle Asessment

Fair and Safe Factories

        • Number of factories and key suppliers audited
        • Ethical Supply Chain (ESC) audit scores
        • Number of ESC trainings & participants


      • Total Hours Volunteered
      • Percentage of employees participating (at least 1 hour)
      • Number of CR Hero projects submitted
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