We chart our own course.

Growth doesn’t come from copying what other companies have done.

It comes from staying curious, turning over every rock and not being afraid to fail. That’s why we empower our people to roam free, to try new things and to see what’s out there beyond the walls of our offices. By taking the time to see what’s out there, we are able to see opportunities that others have missed and turn those into the next big thing.

  • avoid crowds

    Boots for surfers. Sandals for whitewater rafting. Fashionable shoes for chefs. Our success is built on finding opportunity in unusual places and turning good ideas into global lifestyle brands. For example, our Teva and UGG brands began as footwear lines that appealed to a narrow core of enthusiasts. Since their acquisitions, we have carefully built them into meaningful global brands by investing time and resources to better understand our customers and consistently delivering products that meet their needs.

  • energize, don’t homogenize

    While acquiring new brands is a key element of our growth strategy, we learn a good deal from them as well…new ways of doing things, new dreams, new needs that drive our answer to “what’s next.” Yet, as we grow our brands, we take great care to ensure that they stay true to their founding principles. After all, these principles continue to inspire devout brand loyalty and will help to attract new legions of devotees.

  • innovate the innovation

    Our reputation is built on innovation and technical leadership. It provides us with significant advantages and sets us apart from our competitors. To stay competitive, we don’t stand still or rest on past achievements.

    We are constantly engaging with our customers and consumers to better understand their evolving wants, needs and expectations. That engagement allows us to stay ahead of the curve in developing new styles, technologies, products and product categories to fit their ever-changing lives.

    However, a lot of our innovation you won’t see on the shelf. We are constantly looking at ways to improve all aspects of our business, from supply chain management to manufacturing to sourcing, even down to how we produce our packaging. It’s often the things that take place behind the scenes that can revolutionize a company.

  • go global

    Lifestyles don’t adhere to borders. Our infrastructure and distribution network allows us to introduce and grow our brands globally.

    Because we believe significant opportunities exist to market our products more broadly around the world, we are actively expanding to lifestyles and cultures globally. With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, our business is highly interconnected and our brands benefit from a dynamic infrastructure capable of expanding to meet ever-changing needs.

  • brand new brands

    Our success is based on identifying entrepreneurial concepts for innovative, fashionable footwear targeted at niche markets. Then, we build those concepts into viable brands by using our expertise in product development, production and marketing.

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