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How We Thrive

Our people are the heart of our company. So our goal is simple: to inspire each employee to be his or her best self. Empowering our people to live our values daily is how we all thrive – our company, our culture and our people.

Deckers Values: Be kind, bold, honest, open and courageous
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Be Kind

Caring about each other is one of the ways we define Deckers. Because empathy and community make a difference in our culture and our consumer experience. The more understood and appreciated everyone feels, the more we’ll achieve as an organization.

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Be Bold

There are always new opportunities to explore. Adventurous spirits and personal quests for a brighter future have always inspired our people and our brands. We thrive as an organization when our employees take chances to do what’s never been done before.

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Be Honest

When things go right, we grow as people. But when things go wrong, we grow just as much, if not more. That’s why we encourage our employees to embrace mistakes and accept responsibility. We’re in this adventure to grow together.

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Be Open

Staying humble, listening to others and asking for help when it’s needed make it easier to work together. Seek out new passions and support the passions of others, too. Throughout our history, personal passions have provided the greatest inspiration.

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Be Courageous

Working to improve every day challenges us in the best way. Of course, taking on challenges requires courage. Anything worthwhile does. We’re invested in our employees’ personal and professional development because we want them to be their best. Because that’s how Deckers is its best.

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