Transparency in Coverage Information
Updated July 1, 2022

Regulations adopted by the United States Departments of Labor, Health & Human Services, and the Treasury require us to provide the following Transparency in Coverage Information to the public.  We are making this information publicly available and accessible to any person free of charge and without conditions such as establishing a user account, password, or other credentials, or submitting any personally identifiable information. 

This information is not intended to be a consumer tool.  The regulations require that Transparency of Coverage Information be provided in “machine-readable files,” which are digital data and information files that can be imported or read by a computer system.  The format and contents of these files is dictated by the regulations.  If you are a plan member and have questions about your coverage or your financial responsibility, please refer to the Deckers People Success Center.

The Plan provides health care coverage through Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (“Kaiser”),  Anthem Blue Cross, and Hawaii Medical Service Association (“MHSA”).

You may download Transparency in Coverage Information  by clicking on the following links and following the instructions provided:


Anthem Blue Cross:
(When prompted for the Plan’s employer identification number (“EIN”), enter 95-3015862)

Hawaii Medical Service Association:

Periodic updates to the machine-readable files are to be available at the links provided above.  The machine-readable files and the information they contain have been prepared and provided by Kaiser, Anthem Blue Cross, and HMSA, respectively.  We believe that these files comply with the regulations and contain all the required information.  If we learn that there is an error or omission, we will work to have the information corrected as soon as is administratively practicable.  We will note any corrections on updates to this page.

We may update this page at any time.

Problems with this page and the Transparency of Coverage Information made available here should contact us.